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(gnus)Subscription Methods

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Subscription Methods

   What Gnus does when it encounters a new group is determined by the
`gnus-subscribe-newsgroup-method' variable.

   This variable should contain a function.  This function will be
called with the name of the new group as the only parameter.

   Some handy pre-fab functions are:

     Make all new groups zombies.  This is the default.  You can browse
     the zombies later (with `A z') and either kill them all off
     properly (with `S z'), or subscribe to them (with `u').

     Subscribe all new groups in arbitrary order.  This really means
     that all new groups will be added at "the top" of the group buffer.

     Subscribe all new groups in alphabetical order.

     Subscribe all new groups hierarchically.  The difference between
     this function and `gnus-subscribe-alphabetically' is slight.
     `gnus-subscribe-alphabetically' will subscribe new groups in a
     strictly alphabetical fashion, while this function will enter
     groups into its hierarchy.  So if you want to have the `rec'
     hierarchy before the `comp' hierarchy, this function will not mess
     that configuration up.  Or something like that.

     Subscribe new groups interactively.  This means that Gnus will ask
     you about *all* new groups.  The groups you choose to subscribe to
     will be subscribed hierarchically.

     Kill all new groups.

     Put the groups into the topic that has a matching `subscribe' topic
     parameter (Note: Topic Parameters).  For instance, a `subscribe'
     topic parameter that looks like


     will mean that all groups that match that regex will be subscribed
     under that topic.

     If no topics match the groups, the groups will be subscribed in the
     top-level topic.

   A closely related variable is
`gnus-subscribe-hierarchical-interactive'.  (That's quite a mouthful.)
If this variable is non-`nil', Gnus will ask you in a hierarchical
fashion whether to subscribe to new groups or not.  Gnus will ask you
for each sub-hierarchy whether you want to descend the hierarchy or not.

   One common mistake is to set the variable a few paragraphs above
(`gnus-subscribe-newsgroup-method') to
`gnus-subscribe-hierarchical-interactive'.  This is an error.  This
will not work.  This is ga-ga.  So don't do it.

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