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(reftex)Creating Index Entries

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Creating Index Entries

   In order to index the current selection or the word at the cursor
press `C-c /' (`reftex-index-selection-or-word').  This causes the
selection or word `WORD' to be replaced with `\index{WORD}WORD'.  The
macro which is used (`\index' by default) can be configured with the
variable `reftex-index-default-macro'.  When the command is called with
a prefix argument (`C-u C-c /'), you get a chance to edit the generated
index entry.  Use this to change the case of the word or to make the
entry a subentry, for example by entering `main!sub!WORD'.  When called
with two raw `C-u' prefixes (`C-u C-u C-c /'), you will be asked for
the index macro as well.  When there is nothing selected and no word at
point, this command will just call `reftex-index', described below.

   In order to create a general index entry, press `C-c <'
(`reftex-index').  RefTeX will prompt for one of the available index
macros and for its arguments.  Completion will be available for the
index entry and, if applicable, the index tag.  The index tag is a
string identifying one of multiple indices.  With the `multind' and
`index' packages, this tag is the first argument to the redefined
`\index' macro.

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