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Section: Debian Utilities (1)
Updated: 1999
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bug - Report a bug to the Debian Bug Tracking System.  


bug [ options ] packagename [text] ...


bug will figure out what the current version of the package with the bug is on your system. If the package is not installed then a generic bug report will be generated.

If the description of the problem is given on the command line and a subject is provided with the -s option then bug will run in batch mode and send a correctly formatted bug report to

If no description is given on the command line then bug will invoke the editor ( $VISUAL or $EDITOR environment variables or per default joe(1) ) for you to edit the text to be send. If you do not change the text no bug report will be sent!

bug will include system information to assist the maintainer in troubleshooting.

Since bug could include sensitive system information in a bug report when run as a system user it will not allow being run as one of them (including root). If running from root bug will prompt for a username and re-execute itself with su(1). Also the return address for e-mail should be a regular username on a system and not root.

Bug information is handled by the Debian Bug Tracking System. You can browse its database in You will receive a notification when the bug is solved.  


Do not include configuration files in the bug report.
-s text
Set the Subject of the bug report. Otherwise bug will ask for a short description of the problem.
-S severity
Set the severity level of the bug report.
-f filename
If filename is a file belonging to the package, bug will search for it. If filename is a coredump, bug will include the stack-trace in the bug report.
General bug. The bug isn't specific to this system. System information won't be included in the report.
When used with -f prevents bug from following symlinks.
Submit a quiet bug report (Just register. No e-mail forwarding to anyone)
Submit a "maintonly" bug report. Only sent to the maintainer not to the mailing list.
Debug. Don't send the mail to the bug tracking system, send it to the current user instead.
print. Do not send the bug report instead output it on stdout so that it can be redirected into a file.
Do not compress the configfiles by removing empty lines and comments.
Do not send a CC to the submitter of the bugreport
-H <special_header>
Adds a custom header to generated mail. Can be repeated to add multiple custom headers.
-h, --help
Shows usage info.


The $EMAIL environment variable can be used to set the From: line in the bugreport. The Bug tracking system will use this address to send notifications about changes in the state of the bug being reported.  


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