The Bakery: Leavened bread, traditional style, tobacco, souvenirs.

Grocery: local products, general food store.

Bernard Claude et Michel,
Shipments France/Overseas
Honey, hydromel, pollen.

Bar "Le Piccolo", bar, sandwiches in a cool place.

"La Remise", antique shop, provençal furniture.

"Le Moulin de Soleils",
Restaurant, pizzeria.
Old-style bread.
Visits of the watermill.
Castellane road.

"Le Vieil Amandier", hotel, restaurant, swimming pool. Tel:

"Le Château de Trigance", Hotel, restaurant in a medevial set.
Tel: Fax:

Masonry, stonework, constructions and repairing.
Adrien Roux, Route du Préolat, 83.840 Trigance.

General masonry company. Tel:

Philippe Amiot,
Plumbing works, pool repairing.
Tél: Fax:

"Commanderie de Saint Maïmes",
M. Audier: Goat cheese, host rooms.
D. Mercy: Bronze scrupltures, fountains. Exhibition.
Route des Gorges. Tél:

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