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Emacs MIME

   This manual documents the libraries used to compose and display MIME

   This is not a manual meant for users; it's a manual directed at
people who want to write functions and commands that manipulate MIME

   MIME is short for "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions".  This
standard is documented in a number of RFCs; mainly RFC2045 (Format of
Internet Message Bodies), RFC2046 (Media Types), RFC2047 (Message
Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text), RFC2048 (Registration
Procedures), RFC2049 (Conformance Criteria and Examples).  It is highly
recommended that anyone who intends writing MIME-compliant software
read at least RFC2045 and RFC2047.

Interface Functions
An abstraction over the basic functions.
Basic Functions
Utility and basic parsing functions.
Decoding and Viewing
A framework for decoding and viewing.
MML; a language for describing MIME parts.
A summary of RFCs and working documents used.
Function and variable index.

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