Most recent changes:

April 3 2012

  • We are moving.
  • This change should be transparent to all users.

July 31 2008

  • We are not a Debian mirror anymore. debian.fifi.org does not resolve anymore.

July 30 2007

  • The old web server has been renamed to old-tantale.fifi.org. tantale.fifi.org now points to another machine.
April 2006
  • We have removed the sparc architecture from all the Debian archives.
  • We now mirror amd64 architecture.
Feb 10 2006
  • We have removed the hurd-i386 architecture from all the Debian archives.

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  • [Done] Some connectivity problems at our upstream provider cut Fifi.Org off the Internet from 18:45 to 22:15 PDT June 13 2006 (from 1:45 to 5:15 UTC June 14 2006).
  • [Done] A SCSI cable that turned bad after three years in service made Fifi.Org intermittently unavailable between February 16 and February 22 2006.

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