Multilingual usage has most of its pages in both French and English.

If correctly configures, the browser should pick automatically your language of choice:

  • Netscape: go to Edit->Preferences. Open the Navigator tab. Select the language item. Edit your preferences accordingly.
  • IE: go to View->Internet Options. In the General tab, click on on the Languages button and modify as needed.
  • Lynx: Put a PREFERRED_LANGUAGE configuration directive in your ~/.lynxrc. For example:

You need to add either French (fr) or English (en), but not the national variants (Belgian French (fr_BE) or U.S. English (en_US)). You can also have national variants if you wish, but you must also have the non-national variant listed (fr and/or en).

Once you've made the change, you might want to purge your browser's cache so that the new pages are loaded.

If no language has been configured, or if there is no translation for a chosen language, the English pages will be served.