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(gnus)Paging the Article

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Scrolling the Article

     Pressing <SPC> will scroll the current article forward one page,
     or, if you have come to the end of the current article, will
     choose the next article (`gnus-summary-next-page').

     Scroll the current article back one page

     Scroll the current article one line forward

     Scroll the current article one line backward

`A g'
     (Re)fetch the current article (`gnus-summary-show-article').  If
     given a prefix, fetch the current article, but don't run any of the
     article treatment functions.  This will give you a "raw" article,
     just the way it came from the server.

     If given a numerical prefix, you can do semi-manual charset stuff.
     `C-u 0 g cn-gb-2312 <RET>' will decode the message as if it were
     encoded in the `cn-gb-2312' charset.  If you have

          (setq gnus-summary-show-article-charset-alist
                '((1 . cn-gb-2312)
                  (2 . big5)))

     then you can say `C-u 1 g' to get the same effect.

`A <'
     Scroll to the beginning of the article

`A >'
     Scroll to the end of the article (`gnus-summary-end-of-article').

`A s'
     Perform an isearch in the article buffer

     Select the article buffer (`gnus-summary-select-article-buffer').

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