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(gnus)Topic Variables

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Topic Variables

   Now, if you select a topic, it will fold/unfold that topic, which is
really neat, I think.

   The topic lines themselves are created according to the
`gnus-topic-line-format' variable (Note: Formatting Variables).
Valid elements are:


     Topic name.



     Number of groups in the topic.

     Number of unread articles in the topic.

     Number of unread articles in the topic and all its subtopics.

   Each sub-topic (and the groups in the sub-topics) will be indented
with `gnus-topic-indent-level' times the topic level number of spaces.
The default is 2.

   `gnus-topic-mode-hook' is called in topic minor mode buffers.

   The `gnus-topic-display-empty-topics' says whether to display even
topics that have no unread articles in them.  The default is `t'.

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