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(gnus)Uuencoding and Posting

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Uuencoding and Posting

     Non-`nil' means that `gnus-uu' will ask for a file to encode
     before you compose the article.  If this variable is `t', you can
     either include an encoded file with `C-c C-i' or have one included
     for you when you post the article.

     Maximum length of an article.  The encoded file will be split into
     how many articles it takes to post the entire file.

     Non-`nil' means that `gnus-uu' will post the encoded file in a
     thread.  This may not be smart, as no other decoder I have seen is
     able to follow threads when collecting uuencoded articles.  (Well,
     I have seen one package that does that--`gnus-uu', but somehow, I
     don't think that counts...) Default is `nil'.

     Non-`nil' means that the description will be posted in a separate
     article.  The first article will typically be numbered (0/x).  If
     this variable is `nil', the description the user enters will be
     included at the beginning of the first article, which will be
     numbered (1/x).  Default is `t'.

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