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(reftex)AUCTeX-RefTeX Interface

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The AUCTeX-RefTeX Interface

   RefTeX contains code to interface with AUCTeX.  When this interface
is turned on, both packages will interact closely.  Instead of using
RefTeX's commands directly, you can then also use them indirectly as
part of the AUCTeX environment(1).  The interface is turned on with

     (setq reftex-plug-into-AUCTeX t)

   If you need finer control about which parts of the interface are used
and which not, read the docstring of the variable
`reftex-plug-into-AUCTeX' or customize it with `M-x customize-variable
<RET> reftex-plug-into-AUCTeX <RET>'.

   The following list describes the individual parts of the interface.

   * AUCTeX calls `reftex-label' to insert labels
     When a new section is created with `C-c C-s', or a new environment
     is inserted with `C-c C-e', AUCTeX normally prompts for a label to
     go with it.  With the interface, `reftex-label' is called instead.
     For example, if you type `C-c C-e equation <RET>', AUCTeX and
     RefTeX will insert


     without further prompts.

     Similarly, when you type `C-c C-s section <RET>', RefTeX will
     offer its default label which is derived from the section title.

   * AUCTeX tells RefTeX about new sections
     When creating a new section with `C-c C-s', RefTeX will not have
     to rescan the buffer in order to see it.

   * RefTeX supplies macro arguments
     When you insert a macro interactively with `C-c <RET>', AUCTeX
     normally prompts for macro arguments.  Internally, it uses the
     functions `TeX-arg-label', `TeX-arg-cite', and `TeX-arg-index' to
     prompt for arguments which are labels, citation keys and index
     entries.  The interface takes over these functions(2) and supplies
     the macro arguments with RefTeX's mechanisms.  For example, when
     you type `C-c <RET> ref <RET>', RefTeX will supply its label
     selection process (Note: Referencing Labels).

   * RefTeX tells AUCTeX about new labels, citation- and index keys
     RefTeX will add all newly created labels to AUCTeX's completion

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1) RefTeX 4.0 and AUCTeX 9.10c will be needed for all of this to
work.  Parts of it work also with earlier versions.

   (2) `fset' is used to do this, which is not reversible.  However,
RefTeX implements the old functionality when you later decide to turn
off the interface.

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