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   Once you have written a document with labels, references and
citations, it can be nice to read it like a hypertext document.  RefTeX
has support for that: `reftex-view-crossref' (bound to `C-c &'),
`reftex-mouse-view-crossref' (bound to `S-mouse-2'), and
`reftex-search-document'.  A somewhat fancier interface with mouse
highlighting is provided (among other things) by Peter S. Galbraith's
`bib-cite.el'.  There is some overlap in the functionalities of
Bib-cite and RefTeX.  Bib-cite.el comes bundled with AUCTeX.

   Bib-cite version 3.06 and later can be configured so that bib-cite's
mouse functions use RefTeX for displaying references and citations.
This can be useful in particular when working with the LaTeX `xr'
package or with an explicit `thebibliography' environment (rather than
BibTeX).  Bib-cite cannot handle those, but RefTeX does.  To make use
of this feature, try

     (setq bib-cite-use-reftex-view-crossref t)

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