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   Here is a list of recent changes to RefTeX.

Version 4.00
   * RefTeX has been split into several smaller files which are
     autoloaded on demand.

   * Index support, along with many new options.

   * The selection of keys for `\ref' and `\cite' now allows to select
     multiple items by marking entries with the `m' key.

   * Fancyref support.
    Version 4.01
   * New command `reftex-index-globally' to index a word in many places
     in the document.  Also available from the index buffer with `&'.

   * The first item in a `reftex-label-alist' entry may now also be a
     parser function to do non-standard parsing.

   * `reftex-auto-view-crossref' no longer interferes with
     `pop-up-frames' (patch from Stefan Monnier).
 Version 4.02
   * macros ending in `refrange' are considered to contain references.

   * Index entries made with `reftex-index-selection-or-word' in TeX
     math mode automatically get enclosing `$' to preserve math mode.
     See new option `reftex-index-math-format'.  Requires AUCTeX.
 Version 4.04
   * New option `reftex-index-default-tag' implements a default for
 Version 4.06
   * `reftex-section-levels' can contain a function to compute the level
     of a sectioning command.

   * Multiple `thebibliography' environments recognized.
 Version 4.09
   * New option `reftex-toc-max-level' to limit the depth of the toc.
     New key binding `t' in the `*toc*' buffer to change this setting.

   * RefTeX maintaines an `Index Phrases' file in which phrases can be
     collected.  When the document is ready, RefTeX can search all
     these phrases and assist indexing all matches.

   * The variables `reftex-index-macros' and
     `reftex-index-default-macro' have changed their syntax slightly.
     The REPEAT parameter has move from the latter to the former.  Also
     calls to `reftex-add-index-macros' from AUCTeX style files need to
     be adapted.

   * The variable `reftex-section-levels' no longer contains the
     default stuff which has been moved to a constant.

   * Environments like theorems can be placed into the TOC by putting
     entries for `"begin{theorem}"' in `reftex-setion-levels'.
 Version 4.10
   * Renamed `reftex-vcr.el' to `reftex-dcr.el' because of conflict
     with `reftex-vars.el' on DOS machines.

   * New options `reftex-parse-file-extension' and
 Version 4.11
   * Fixed bug which would parse `\Section' just like `\section'.
 Version 4.12
   * Support for `bibentry' citation style.
 Version 4.15
   * Small bug fixes.

   * Improved interaction with Emacs LaTeX mode.

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