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(reftex)Citations Outside LaTeX

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Citations outside LaTeX

   The command `reftex-citation' can also be executed outside a LaTeX
buffer.  This can be useful to reference articles in the mail buffer and
other documents.  You should _not_ enter `reftex-mode' for this, just
execute the command.  The list of BibTeX files will in this case be
taken from the variable `reftex-default-bibliography'.  Setting the
variable `reftex-cite-format' to the symbol `locally' does a decent job
of putting all relevant information about a citation directly into the
buffer.  Here is the lisp code to add the `C-c [' binding to the mail
buffer.  It also provides a local binding for `reftex-cite-format'.

     (add-hook 'mail-setup-hook
               (lambda () (define-key mail-mode-map "\C-c["
                            (lambda () (interactive)
                              (require 'reftex)
                              (let ((reftex-cite-format 'locally))

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