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(reftex)Consistency Checks

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Consistency Checks

   Before indexing the phrases in the phrases buffer, they should be
checked carefully for consistency.  A first step is to sort the phrases
alphabetically - this is done with the command `C-c C-s'
(`reftex-index-sort-phrases').  It will sort all phrases in the buffer
alphabetically by search phrase.  If you want to group certain phrases
and only sort within the groups, insert empty lines between the groups.
Sorting will only change the sequence of phrases within each group
(see the variable `reftex-index-phrases-sort-in-blocks').

   A useful command is `C-c C-i' (`reftex-index-phrases-info') which
lists information about the phrase at point, including an example of
how the index entry will look like and the number of expected matches
in the document.

   Another important check is to find out if there are double or
overlapping entries in the buffer.  For example if you are first
searching and indexing `Mars' and then `Planet Mars', the second phrase
will not match because of the index macro inserted before `Mars'
earlier.  The command `C-c C-t'
(`reftex-index-find-next-conflict-phrase') finds the next phrase in the
buffer which is either duplicate or a subphrase of another phrase.  In
order to check the whole buffer like this, start at the beginning and
execute this command repeatedly.

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