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   RefTeX was written by Carsten Dominik <>, with
contributions by Stephen Eglen.  RefTeX is currently maintained by

Carsten Dominik <>

   If you have questions about RefTeX, there are several Usenet groups
which have competent readers: `comp.emacs', `',
`comp.emacs.xemacs', `comp.text.tex'.  You can also write directly to
the maintainer.

   If you find a bug in RefTeX or its documentation, or if you want to
contribute code or ideas, please contact the maintainer
(  Remember to provide all necessary
information such as version numbers of Emacs and RefTeX, and the
relevant part of your configuration in `.emacs'.  When reporting a bug
which throws an exception, please include a backtrace if you know how
to produce one.

   RefTeX is bundled and pre-installed with Emacs since version 20.2.
It was also bundled and pre-installed with XEmacs 19.16-20.x.  XEmacs
21.x users want to install the corresponding plugin package which is
available from the XEmacs `ftp' site.  See the XEmacs 21.x
documentation on package installation for details.

   Users of earlier Emacs distributions (including Emacs 19) can get a
RefTeX distribution from the maintainers webpage
(  Note that the Emacs
19 version supports many but not all features described in this manual.

   Thanks to the people on the Net who have used RefTeX and helped
developing it with their reports.  In particular thanks to Fran
Burstall, Alastair Burt, Soren Dayton, Stephen Eglen, Karl Eichwalder,
Erik Frik, Peter Galbraith, Kai Grossjohann, Frank Harrell, Dieter
Kraft, Adrian Lanz, Rory Molinari, Stefan Monnier, Laurent Mugnier,
Sudeep Kumar Palat, Daniel Polani, Robin Socha, Richard Stanton, Allan
Strand, Jan Vroonhof, Christoph Wedler, Alan Williams.

   The `view-crossref' feature was inspired by Peter Galbraith's

   Finally thanks to Uwe Bolick who first got me (some years ago) into
supporting LaTeX labels and references with an editor (which was
MicroEmacs at the time).

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