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(reftex)Multifile Documents

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Multifile Documents

   The following is relevant when working with documents spread over
many files:

   * RefTeX has full support for multifile documents.  You can edit
     parts of several (multifile) documents at the same time without
     conflicts.  RefTeX provides functions to run `grep', `search' and
     `query-replace' on all files which are part of a multifile

   * All files belonging to a multifile document should define a File
     Variable (`TeX-master' for AUCTeX or `tex-main-file' for the
     standard Emacs LaTeX mode) containing the name of the master file.
     For example, to set the file variable `TeX-master', include
     something like the following at the end of each TeX file:

          %%% Local Variables: ***
          %%% mode:latex ***
          %%% TeX-master: "thesis.tex"  ***
          %%% End: ***

     AUCTeX with the setting

          (setq-default TeX-master nil)

     will actually ask you for each new file about the master file and
     insert this comment automatically.  For more details see the
     documentation of the AUCTeX (Note: Multifile.),
     the documentation about the Emacs (La)TeX mode (*note TeX Print:
     (emacs)TeX Print.) and the Emacs documentation on File Variables
     (Note: File Variables.).

   * The context of a label definition must be found in the same file
     as the label itself in order to be processed correctly by RefTeX.
     The only exception is that section labels referring to a section
     statement outside the current file can still use that section
     title as context.

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