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(reftex)Options (Creating Citations)

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Creating Citations

 - User Option: reftex-bibfile-ignore-regexps
     List of regular expressions to exclude files in
     `\\bibliography{..}'.  File names matched by any of these regexps
     will not be parsed.  Intended for files which contain only
     `@string' macro definitions and the like, which are ignored by
     RefTeX anyway.

 - User Option: reftex-default-bibliography
     List of BibTeX database files which should be used if none are
     specified.  When `reftex-citation' is called from a document with
     neither a `\bibliography{...}' statement nor a `thebibliography'
     environment, RefTeX will scan these files instead.  Intended for
     using `reftex-citation' in non-LaTeX files.  The files will be
     searched along the BIBINPUTS or TEXBIB path.

 - User Option: reftex-sort-bibtex-matches
     Sorting of the entries found in BibTeX databases by
     reftex-citation.  Possible values:
          nil          Do not sort entries.
          author       Sort entries by author name.
          year         Sort entries by increasing year.
          reverse-year Sort entries by decreasing year.

 - User Option: reftex-cite-format
     The format of citations to be inserted into the buffer.  It can be
     a string, an alist or a symbol.  In the simplest case this is just
     the string `\cite{%l}', which is also the default.  See the
     definition of `reftex-cite-format-builtin' for more complex

     If `reftex-cite-format' is a string, it will be used as the format.
     In the format, the following percent escapes will be expanded.

          The BibTeX label of the citation.

          List of author names, see also `reftex-cite-punctuation'.

          Like %a, but abbreviate more than 2 authors like Jones et al.

          First author name only.

          Works like `%a', but on list of editor names. (`%2e' and `%E'
          work a well).

     It is also possible to access all other BibTeX database fields:

          %b booktitle     %c chapter        %d edition    %h howpublished
          %i institution   %j journal        %k key        %m month
          %n number        %o organization   %p pages      %P first page
          %r address       %s school         %u publisher  %t title
          %v volume        %y year
          %B booktitle, abbreviated          %T title, abbreviated

     Usually, only `%l' is needed.  The other stuff is mainly for the
     echo area display, and for `(setq reftex-comment-citations t)'.

     `%<' as a special operator kills punctuation and space around it
     after the string has been formatted.

     Beware that all this only works with BibTeX database files.  When
     citations are made from the `\bibitems' in an explicit
     `thebibliography' environment, only `%l' is available.

     If `reftex-cite-format' is an alist of characters and strings, the
     user will be prompted for a character to select one of the possible
     format strings.

     In order to configure this variable, you can either set
     `reftex-cite-format' directly yourself or set it to the _symbol_
     of one of the predefined styles.  The predefined symbols are those
     which have an association in the constant
     `reftex-cite-format-builtin')  E.g.: `(setq reftex-cite-format

 - Hook: reftex-format-cite-function
     If non-`nil', should be a function which produces the string to
     insert as a citation.  Note that the citation format can also be
     changed with the variable `reftex-cite-format'.  The function will
     be called with two arguments, the CITATION-KEY and the
     DEFAULT-FORMAT (taken from `reftex-cite-format').  It should
     return the string to insert into the buffer.

 - User Option: reftex-comment-citations
     Non-`nil' means add a comment for each citation describing the full
     entry.  The comment is formatted according to

 - User Option: reftex-cite-comment-format
     Citation format used for commented citations.  Must _not_ contain
     `%l'.  See the variable `reftex-cite-format' for possible percent

 - User Option: reftex-cite-punctuation
     Punctuation for formatting of name lists in citations.  This is a
     list of 3 strings.
       1. normal names separator, like `, ' in Jones, Brown and Miller

       2. final names separator, like ` and '  in Jones, Brown and

       3. The `et al.' string, like ` {\it et al.}' in Jones {\it et

 - Normal Hook: reftex-select-bib-mode-hook
     Normal hook which is run when a selection buffer enters

 - Keymap: reftex-select-bib-map
     The keymap which is active in the citation-key selection process
     (Note: Creating Citations).

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