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(reftex)Options (Viewing Cross-References)

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Viewing Cross-References

 - User Option: reftex-view-crossref-extra
     Macros which can be used for the display of cross references.
     This is used when `reftex-view-crossref' is called with point in an
     argument of a macro.  Note that crossref viewing for citations,
     references (both ways) and index entries is hard-coded.  This
     variable is only to configure additional structures for which
     crossreference viewing can be useful.  Each entry has the structure
     MACRO-RE is matched against the macro.  SEARCH-RE is the regexp
     used to search for cross references.  `%s' in this regexp is
     replaced with with the macro argument at point.  HIGHLIGHT is an
     integer indicating which subgroup of the match should be

 - User Option: reftex-auto-view-crossref
     Non-`nil' means, initially turn automatic viewing of crossref info
     on.  Automatic viewing of crossref info normally uses the echo
     area.  Whenever point is on the argument of a `\ref' or `\cite'
     macro, and no other message is being displayed, the echo area will
     display information about that cross reference.  You can also set
     the variable to the symbol `window'.  In this case a small
     temporary window is used for the display.  This feature can be
     turned on and of from the menu (Ref->Options).

 - User Option: reftex-idle-time
     Time (secs) Emacs has to be idle before automatic crossref display
     is done.

 - User Option: reftex-cite-view-format
     Citation format used to display citation info in the message area.
     See the variable `reftex-cite-format' for possible percent

 - User Option: reftex-revisit-to-echo
     Non-`nil' means, automatic citation display will revisit files if
     necessary.  When nil, citation display in echo area will only be
     active for cached echo strings (see `reftex-cache-cite-echo'), or
     for BibTeX database files which are already visited by a live
     associated buffers.

 - User Option: reftex-cache-cite-echo
     Non-`nil' means, the information displayed in the echo area for
     cite macros (see variable `reftex-auto-view-crossref') is cached
     and saved along with the parsing information.  The cache survives
     document scans.  In order to clear it, use `M-x reftex-reset-mode'.

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