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(reftex)Using \eqref

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Using `\eqref'

   Another case where one only wants to change the information
associated with the label category is to change the macro which is used
for referencing the label.  When working with the AMS-LaTeX stuff, you
might prefer `\eqref' for doing equation references.  Here is how to do

     (setq reftex-label-alist '((nil ?e nil "~\\eqref{%s}" nil nil)))

   RefTeX has also a predefined symbol for this special purpose.  The
following is equivalent to the line above.

     (setq reftex-label-alist '(AMSTeX))

   Note that this is automatically done by the `amsmath.el' style file
of AUCTeX (Note: Style Files) - so if you use AUCTeX, this
configuration will not be necessary.

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