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   Fdutils is a collection of utililties for configuring and using the
Linux floppy driver.  With fdutils, you can:

  1. Format disks with a higher capacity than usual (up to 1992KB on a
     3 1/2 HD disk).

  2. Reconfigure the autodetection sequence to automatically detect
     some of these extended formats.

  3. Access various internal driver structures and drive configuration
     using the floppycontrol program.

   This manual describes these utilities, and also the floppy driver

Where to get fdutils and its documentation
Basic usage
How to get started
Device numbers
Media description
How can a floppy disk and a format be described
to fdutils?
Drive descriptions
How can a drive and its characteristics be
described to fdutils?
Extended formats
How to store more data on your floppy disks
How the floppy driver distinguishes among the
different kinds of disks
Boottime configuration
Lilo boot options understood by the floppy driver
Floppy ioctls
The ioctl's understood by the floppy driver
The available fdutils commands
Compile-time configuration
How to use GNU autoconf to customize fdutils
A brief listing of acronyms used in this
Interesting formats
A brief list of legacy and other formats
Command Index
Command Index
Concept Index
Concept Index

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