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C++-Specific Variable, Function, and Type Attributes

   Some attributes only make sense for C++ programs.

`init_priority (PRIORITY)'
     In Standard C++, objects defined at namespace scope are guaranteed
     to be initialized in an order in strict accordance with that of
     their definitions _in a given translation unit_.  No guarantee is
     made for initializations across translation units.  However, GNU
     C++ allows users to control the order of initialization of objects
     defined at namespace scope with the `init_priority' attribute by
     specifying a relative PRIORITY, a constant integral expression
     currently bounded between 101 and 65535 inclusive.  Lower numbers
     indicate a higher priority.

     In the following example, `A' would normally be created before
     `B', but the `init_priority' attribute has reversed that order:

          Some_Class  A  __attribute__ ((init_priority (2000)));
          Some_Class  B  __attribute__ ((init_priority (543)));

     Note that the particular values of PRIORITY do not matter; only
     their relative ordering.

     This type attribute informs C++ that the class is a Java
     interface.  It may only be applied to classes declared within an
     `extern "Java"' block.  Calls to methods declared in this
     interface will be dispatched using GCJ's interface table
     mechanism, instead of regular virtual table dispatch.

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