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Translated Entries

   Each PO file entry for which the `msgstr' field has been filled with
a translation, and which is not marked as fuzzy (Note: Fuzzy Entries),
is a said to be a "translated" entry.  Only translated entries will
later be compiled by GNU `msgfmt' and become usable in programs.  Other
entry types will be excluded; translation will not occur for them.

   Some commands are more specifically related to translated entry

     Find the next translated entry.

     Find the previous translated entry.

   The commands `t' (`po-next-translated-entry') and `M-t'
(`po-previous-transted-entry') move forwards or backwards, chasing for
an translated entry.  If none is found, the search is extended and
wraps around in the PO file buffer.

   Translated entries usually result from the translator having edited
in a translation for them, Note: Modifying Translations.  However, if
the variable `po-auto-fuzzy-on-edit' is not `nil', the entry having
received a new translation first becomes a fuzzy entry, which ought to
be later unfuzzied before becoming an official, genuine translated
entry.  Note: Fuzzy Entries.

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