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Incompatibilities with Unix `gprof'

   GNU `gprof' and Berkeley Unix `gprof' use the same data file
`gmon.out', and provide essentially the same information.  But there
are a few differences.

   * GNU `gprof' uses a new, generalized file format with support for
     basic-block execution counts and non-realtime histograms.  A magic
     cookie and version number allows `gprof' to easily identify new
     style files.  Old BSD-style files can still be read.  Note: File

   * For a recursive function, Unix `gprof' lists the function as a
     parent and as a child, with a `calls' field that lists the number
     of recursive calls.  GNU `gprof' omits these lines and puts the
     number of recursive calls in the primary line.

   * When a function is suppressed from the call graph with `-e', GNU
     `gprof' still lists it as a subroutine of functions that call it.

   * GNU `gprof' accepts the `-k' with its argument in the form
     `from/to', instead of `from to'.

   * In the annotated source listing, if there are multiple basic
     blocks on the same line, GNU `gprof' prints all of their counts,
     separated by commas.

   * The blurbs, field widths, and output formats are different.  GNU
     `gprof' prints blurbs after the tables, so that you can see the
     tables without skipping the blurbs.

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