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The Guile Reference Manual

This reference manual documents Guile, GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent
Language for Extensions.  It describes how to use Guile in many useful
and interesting ways.

This Info file contains edition 1.0 of the reference manual,
corresponding to Guile version 1.4.


Guile License
Conditions for copying and using Guile.
Manual Layout
How to read the rest of this manual.
Part I: Introduction to Guile

What is Guile?
And what does it do?
Whirlwind Tour
An introductory whirlwind tour.
Reporting Bugs
Reporting bugs in Guile or this manual.
Part II: Guile Scheme

Scheme Intro
Introduction to Guile Scheme.
Basic Ideas
Basic ideas in Scheme.
Data Types
Data types for generic use.
Procedures and Macros
Procedures and macros.
Utility Functions
General utility functions.
Binding Constructs
Definitions and variable bindings.
Control Mechanisms
Controlling the flow of program execution.
Input and Output
Ports, reading and writing.
Reading and evaluating Scheme code.
Memory Management
Memory management and garbage collection.
Low level object orientation support.
Designing reusable code libraries.
Threads, mutexes, asyncs and dynamic roots.
Options and Config
Runtime options and configuration.
Support for translating other languages.
Internal debugging interface.
Features that are planned to disappear.
Further Reading
Where to find out more about Scheme programming.
R5RS Index
Guile Extensions Index
Part III: Guile Modules

Using the SLIB Scheme library.
POSIX System Calls and Networking.
Controlling interactive programs with Guile.
The Scheme shell (scsh)
The SCSH compatibility module has been made an add-on, so maybe it shouldn't be documented here (though it is nice to have a link from here to the Guile-scsh manual, if one exists).
Tcl/Tk Interface
Part IV: Guile Scripting

Guile Scripting
How to write Guile scripts.
Part V: Using Scheme with C --- A Portable Interface

A Portable C to Scheme Interface
gh preliminaries
Data types and constants defined by gh
Starting and controlling the interpreter
Error messages
Executing Scheme code
Defining new Scheme procedures in C
Converting data between C and Scheme
Type predicates
Equality predicates
Memory allocation and garbage collection
Calling Scheme procedures from C
Mixing gh and scm APIs
Part VI: Using Scheme with C --- Guile's Interface

Scheme data representation
Relationship between Scheme and C functions
I/O internals
libguile error handling

Obtaining and Installing Guile
Debugger User Interface

Concept Index
Procedure Index
Variable Index
Type Index

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