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Recording Old Versions

   It is very important to keep backup files of all source files of GNU.
You can do this using RCS, CVS or PRCS if you like.  The easiest way to
use RCS or CVS is via the Version Control library in Emacs; Note:
Concepts of Version Control.

   The history of previous revisions and log entries is very important
for future maintainers of the package, so even if you do not make it
publicly accessible, be careful not to put anything in the repository or
change log that you would not want to hand over to another maintainer
some day.

   The GNU Project provides a CVS server that GNU software packages can
use: `'.  (The name refers to the multiple versions
and their subversions that are stored in a CVS repository.)  You don't
have to use this repository, but if you plan to allow public read-only
access to your development sources, it is convenient for people to be
able to find various GNU packages in a central place.  The CVS Server
is managed by <>.

   The GNU project also provides additional developer resources on
`' through its `' interface.  All
GNU maintainers are encouraged to take advantage of these facilities,
as `savannah' can serve to foster a sense of community among all GNU
developers and help in keeping up with project management.

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