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Contributed Programs

Many users of MySQL have contributed _very_ useful support tools and

A list of what is available at `'
(or any mirror) is shown below.  If you want to build MySQL support for
the Perl `DBI'/`DBD' interface, you should fetch the `Data-Dumper',
`DBI', and `Msql-Mysql-modules' files and install them.  Note: Perl


   * Perl Modules
        - Data-Dumper-2.101.tar.gz
          Perl `Data-Dumper' module.  Useful with `DBI'/`DBD' support
          for older Perl installations.

        - DBI-1.15.tar.gz
          ( Perl
          `DBI' module.

        - KAMXbase1.2.tar.gz
          Convert between `.dbf' files and MySQL tables.  Perl module
          written by Pratap Pereira <>,
          extended by Kevin A. McGrail
          <>.  This converter can
          handle MEMO fields.

        - Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2216.tar.gz
          Perl `DBD' module to access mSQL and MySQL databases.

        - Data-ShowTable-3.3.tar.gz
          Perl `Data-ShowTable' module.  Useful with `DBI'/`DBD'

        - HandySQL-1.1.tar.gz
          HandySQL is a MySQL access module. It offers a C interface
          embedded in Perl and is approximately 20% faster than regular

   * JDBC
        * mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2c.tar.gz
          The mm JDBC driver for MySQL. This is a production release
          and is actively developed. By Mark Matthews

        * mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre5.tar.gz
          The mm JDBC driver for MySQL. This is a pre-release beta
          version and is actively developed. By Mark Matthews
          (<>).  The two drivers above have an
          LGPL license. Please check
          `' for the latest drivers
          (and other JDBC information) because these drivers may be out
          of date.

        * `' The
          Resin commercial JDBC driver, which is released under open
          source.  It claims to be faster than the mm driver, but we
          haven't received that much information about this yet.

        * twz1jdbcForMysql-1.0.4-GA.tar.gz
          The twz driver: A type 4 JDBC driver by Terrence W. Zellers
          <>.  This is commercial but is free for
          private and educational use. (Not supported anymore.)

        * pmdamysql.tgz
          ( A
          MySQL PMDA. Provides MySQL server status and configuration

   * OLEDB
        * MyOLEDB.exe (
          OLEDB handler for MySQL. By SWsoft.

          ( Examples
          and documentation for MyOLEDB. By SWsoft.

        * (
          Source for MyOLEDB. By SWsoft.

        * MyOLEDB.chm (
          Help files for MyOLEDB.

          ( Static
          MyODBC library used for build MyOLEDB. Based on MyODBC code.

   * C++
        * mysql-c++-0.02.tar.gz
          MySQL C++ wrapper library. By Roland Haenel, <>.

        * MyDAO (
          MySQL C++ API. By Satish <>. Inspired
          by Roland Haenel's C++ API and Ed Carp's MyC library.

        * mysql++ ( MySQL
          C++ API (More than just a wrapper library.) Originally by
          <>. Nowadays maintained by Sinisa at MySQL AB.

        * NJrAPI ( A C++ database
          independent library that supports MySQL.

   * Delphi
        * delphi-interface.gz
          Delphi interface to `libmysql.dll', by Blestan Tabakov,

          Delphi interface to `libmysql.dll', by

        * Udmysql.pas
          ( A
          wrapper for libmysql.dll for usage in Delphi. By Reiner

        * A Delphi interface to MySQL.
          ( With
          source code. By Matthias Fichtner.

        * *TmySQL* A library to use MySQL with Delphi

        * Delphi TDataset-component

        *        * Delphi 5 Shareware MySQL Dataset Components

   * mysql-ruby-2.2.0.tar.gz
     MySQL Ruby module. By TOMITA Masahiro <>
     ` Ruby' is an Object-Oriented
     Interpreter Language.

   * JdmMysqlDriver-0.1.0.tar.gz
     A VisualWorks 3.0 Smalltalk driver for MySQL. By

   * ( Python module
     with caching. By <>.

   * MySQLmodule-1.4.tar.gz
     Python interface for MySQL. By Joseph Skinner
     <>. Modified by Joerg Senekowitsch

   * MySQL-python-0.3.0.tar.gz
     MySQLdb Python is an DB-API v2.0-compliant interface to MySQL.
     Transactions are supported if the server and tables support them.
     It is thread-safe, and contains a compatibility module for older
     code written for the no-longer-maintained MySQLmodule interface.

   * mysql_mex_1_12.tar.gz
     ( An
     interface program for the Matlab program by MathWorks.  The
     interface is done by Kimmo Uutela and John Fisher (not by
     Mathworks).  Check mysqlmex.html
     ( for more information.

   * mysqltcl-1.53.tar.gz
     ( Tcl
     interface for MySQL. Based on `msqltcl-1.50.tar.gz'.  Updated by
     Tobias Ritzau, <>.

   * MyC-0.1.tar.gz
     ( A Visual
     Basic-like API, by Ed Carp.

   * sqlscreens-1.0.1.tar.gz
     Tcl/Tk code to generate database screens. By Jean-Francois Dockes.

   * Vdb-dflts-2.1.tar.gz
     ( This
     is a new version of a set of library utilities intended to provide
     a generic interface to SQL database engines such that your
     application becomes a 3-tiered application.  The advantage is that
     you can easily switch between and move to other database engines by
     implementing one file for the new backend without making any
     changes to your applications. By <>.

   * DbFramework-1.10.tar.gz
     DbFramework is a collection of classes for manipulating MySQL
     databases.  The classes are loosely based on the CDIF Data Model
     Subject Area. By Paul Sharpe <>.

   * pike-mysql-1.4.tar.gz
     MySQL module for pike. For use with the Roxen web server.

   * squile.tar.gz
     ( Module for
     `guile' that allows `guile' to interact with SQL databases. By Hal

   * stk-mysql.tar.gz
     Interface for Stk. Stk is the Tk widgets with Scheme underneath
     instead of Tcl.  By Terry Jones.

   * eiffel-wrapper-1.0.tar.gz
     Eiffel wrapper by Michael Ravits.

   * SQLmy0.06.tgz
     ( FlagShip
     Replaceable Database Driver (RDD) for MySQL. By Alejandro
     Fernandez Herrero.  Flagship RDD home page

     ( Binary and
     source for `mydsn.dll'. mydsn should be used to build and remove
     the DSN registry file for the MyODBC driver in Coldfusion
     applications.  By Miguel Angel Solórzano.

     ( An
     ADA95 interface to the MySQL API. By Francois Fabien.

     A DLL with MySQL C API for Visual Basic.  By Ken Menzel

   * MYSQL.EXE (
     MySQL ActiveX Object for directly accessing your MySQL servers
     from IIS/ASP, VB, VC++ skipping the slower ODBC methods. Fully
     updatable, multithreaded with full support for all MySQL fieldtypes
     (version 2001.1.1). By SciBit `'.

   * MyLUA home page ( How to use the LUA
     language to write MySQL `PROCEDURE' that can be loaded runtime.

        * Lua 4.0
          ( LUA

        * mylua-
          Patch for MySQL 3.23.32 to use LUA 4.0.  By Cristian Giussani.

     ( Patch
     (for Omniform 4.0 support) to the MyODBC driver.  By Thomas Thaele


   * Graphical clients
        - DbVisualizer (
          Freeware JDBC client to graphically visualize the data and
          structure of several databases simultaneously. By
          Innovative-IT Development AB.

        - MySQLGUI (
          The MySQL GUI client homepage. By Sinisa at MySQL AB.

        - MySQL navigator 0.9
          MySQL Navigator is a MySQL database server GUI client
          program. The purpose of MySQL Navigator is to provide a
          useful client interface to MySQL database servers, whilst
          supporting multiple operating systems and languages. You can
          currently import/export database, enter queries, get result
          sets, edit scripts, run scripts, add, alter, and delete users,
          and retrieve client and server information. Uses QT 2.2. GPL
          Home page for MySQL Navigator (

        - MySQL Security GUI
          ( A user and
          security management GUI for MySQL on Windows.  By Martin
          Jeremic.  Home page for MySQL Security GUI

        - kmysqladmin-0.4.1.tar.gz

        - kmysqladmin-0.4.1-1.src.rpm

        - kmysqladmin-0.4.1-1.i386.rpm
          An administration tool for the MySQL server using QT / KDE.
          Tested only on Linux.

        - Java client using Swing
          By Fredy Fischer, <>.  You can always
          find the latest version here

        - MySQL-Maker 1.0
          Shareware MySQL client for Windows. It's a WYSIWYG tool which
          allows you to create, change and delete databases and tables.
          You can change field - structure and add, change and delete
          data in these tables directly without ODBC-driver.  MySQL
          Maker homepage

          Windows GUI (binary only) to administrate a database, by
          David B. Mansel, <>.

        - MyQA ( is a Linux-based
          query client for the MySQL database server. MyQA lets you
          enter SQL queries, execute them, and view the results, all in
          a graphical user interface. The GUI is roughly similar to
          that of the 'Query Analyzer' client that comes with MS SQL

        - MySQL Manager
          ( a
          graphical MySQL server manager for MySQL server written in
          Java, for Windows

          ( An
          administrator tool for MySQL on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT
          4.0. Only tested with MySQL Versions 3.23.5 - 3.23.7. Written
          using the Tmysql components.

          You can write queries and show tables, indexes, table syntax,
          and administrate user, host, and database and so on. This is
          beta and still has some bugs. You can test the program with
          all features. Please send bugs and hints to Marco Suess
          <>. Original URL

          ( New
          version of netadmin. See above for details.

        - Atronic's MySQL client for Windows
          (  Home
          page for this can be found at: `'.

        - mysqlfront
          ( Home
          page: `'.  Win32-Client for
          accessing and managing dbs, tables, table-data, indexes,
          import-/export-files. (Freeware).  By Ansgar Becker.

        - Utility from Artronic to stop MySQL on win9x

        - a light weight GUI client for Windows

        - Dbtools ( A tool to manage
          MySQL databases. Currently only for Windows.  Some features:
             * Manage servers, databases, tables, columns, indexes, and

             * Import wizard to import structure and data from MS
               Access, MS Excel, Dbase, FoxPro, Paradox, and ODBC

               An administrator GUI for MySQL. Works only on windows,
               no source.  Available in English and Japanese. By
               Mitunobu Kaneko.  Home page: `'

        - xmysqladmin-1.0.tar.gz
          An X-based front end to the MySQL database engine.  It allows
          reloads, status check, process control, myisamchk,
          grant/revoke privileges, creating databases, dropping
          databases, create, alter, browse, and drop tables.
          Originally by Gilbert Therrien, <> but now in
          public domain and supported by MySQL AB.

        - xmysql-1.9.tar.gz

        - xmysql home page ( A front end to
          the MySQL database engine. It allows for simple queries and
          table maintenance, as well as batch queries. By Rick
          Mehalick, <>.  Requires xforms 0.88
          ( to work.

        - dbMetrix ( An open source
          client for exploring databases and executing SQL. Supports
          MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and mSQL.

        - GtkSQL ( A query tool
          for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

        - dbMan ( A query tool written in Perl.
          Uses DBI and Tk.

        - Mascon 202 (

        - Free Mascon 202
          ( Mascon is
          a powerful Win32 GUI for the administering MySQL server
          databases. Mascon's features include visual table design,
          connections to multiple servers, data and blob editing of
          tables, security setting, SQL color coding, dump
          functionality and much more.  Mascon home page

        - DBUI ( DBUI is a Gtk
          graphical database editor.

        - MacSQL ( GUI for MySQL, ODBC, and JDBC
          databases for the Mac OS.

        - JRetriever ( JRetriever is a generic
          database front-end tool for JDBC compliant databases written
          with Java 2. JRetriever displays database tables/views in a
          Windows explorer-like front end. Users can retrieve data
          either by clicking on the table folder or by composing their
          own SQL statements with our built-in SQL editor. The tool has
          been tested with Oracle 8 and MySQL as the back-end
          databases. It requires JDK 1.3 from JavaSoft.

        - DataBrowser (
          The DataBrowser is a cross-database, cross-platform data
          access tool. It is more user friendly than tools like SQL
          Plus, psql (command line based tools). It is more flexible
          than TOAD, ISQL, PGAccess which are GUI's that are limitied
          to a single platform or database.

        - SQLC ( The SQL Console
          is a standalone java application that allows you to connect
          to a  SQL database system and issue SQL queries and updates.
          It has an easy-to use graphical user interface. The SQL
          Console uses JDBC to connect to the database systems and,
          therefore, with proper JDBC drivers, you can use this utility
          to connect to some of the most popular database systems.

        - MySQL MMC
          ( MySQL
          MMC is a GUI Management Tool developed using kdevelop with a
          very good interface completely like Microsoft Enterprise Tool
          (for SQL Server) or Sybase Central. We can use it to manage
          server, database, table, index, users and to edit table data
          in grid or execute Sql by Query Analysis.

   * Web Clients
        - mysqladmin-atif-1.0.tar.gz
          WWW MySQL administrator for the `user,' `db' and `host'
          tables.  By Tim Sailer, modified by Atif Ghaffar

        - mysql-webadmin-1.0a8-rz.tar.gz
          A tool written in PHP-FI to administrate MySQL databases
          remotely over the web within a Web-Browser. By Peter
          Kuppelwieser, <>. Updated by Wim
          Bonis, <>. Not maintained anymore!

        - mysqladm.tar.gz
          MySQL Web Database Administration written in Perl.  By Tim

        - mysqladm-2.tar.gz
          Updated version of `mysqladm.tar.gz', by High Tide.

          Updated version of `mysqladm.tar.gz', by Ying Gao.  You can
          get the newest version from the home site

        - myadmin-0.4.tar.gz

        - MyAdmin home page ( A Web-based
          MySQL administrator by Mike Machado.

        - phpMyAdmin_2.0.1.tar.gz
          A set of PHP3-scripts to adminstrate MySQL over the WWW.

        - phpMyAdmin home page
          ( A PHP3 tool
          in the spirit of mysql-webadmin, by Tobias Ratschiller,

        - useradm.tar.gz
          ( MySQL
          administrator in PHP. By Ofni Thomas

        - MySQLMan (
          Similar functionality as phpmyadmin, but written with Perl
          and using html templates. By Alex Krohn.

   * mysql-editor.tar.gz
     ( This
     cgi scripts in Perl enables you to edit content of Mysql database.
     By Tomas Zeman.

   * FutureSQL Web Database Administration Tool
     (  FutureSQL by
     Peter F. Brown, is a free, open source rapid application
     development Web database administration tool, written in Perl,
     using MySQL. It uses `DBI:DBD' and `'.

     FutureSQL allows one to easily set up config files to view, edit,
     delete, and otherwise process records from a MySQL database. It
     uses a data dictionary, configuration files and templates, and
     allows "pre-processing" and "post-processing" on both fields,
     records, and operations.

Web Tools

   * mod_mysql_include_1.0.tar.gz
     Apache module to include HTML from MySQL queries into your pages,
     and run update queries.  Originally written to implement a simple
     fast low-overhead banner-rotation system.  By Sasha Pachev.

   * htCheck ( - URL checker with MySQL
     backend. Spidered URLs can later be queried using SQL to retrieve
     various kinds of information, eg. broken links. Written by
     Gabriele Bartolini.

   * `' This package has various
     functions for generating html code from a SQL table structure and
     for generating SQL statements (Select, Insert, Update, Delete)
     from an html form. You can build a complete forms interface to a
     SQL database (query, add, update, delete) without any programming!
     By Marc Beneteau, <>.

   * sqlhtml.tar.gz
     ( SQL/HTML
     is an HTML database manager for MySQL using `DBI' 1.06.

   * UdmSearch 3.0.23 (stable version)

   * mnogosearch 3.1.12 (development but recommended version)

   * UdmSearch home page ( A SQL-based search
     engine for Internet. By Alexander I. Barkov <>.

   * wmtcl.doc (

   * wmtcl.lex ( With
     this you can write HTML files with inclusions of Tcl code. By

   * www-sql-0.5.7.lsm

   * www-sql-0.5.7.tar.gz
     ( A
     CGI program that parses an HTML file containing special tags,
     parses them, and inserts data from a MySQL database.

   * (
     Perl SQL database interface package for html.

   * cgi++-0.8.tar.gz
     ( A
     macro-processor to simply writing CGI/Database programs in C++ by
     Sasha Pachev.

   * WebBoard 1.0
     EU-Industries Internet-Message-Board.

   * DBIx-TextIndex-0.02.tar.gz
     Full-text searching with Perl on `BLOB'/`TEXT' columns by Daniel

Performance Benchmarking Tools

   * super-smack
     Multi-threaded benchmarking tool for MySQL and *PostgreSQL*.
     Written in C++. Easy to extend to support other databases that
     have C/C++ client libraries. By Sasha Pachev.

Authentication Tools

   * ascend-radius-mysql-0.7.2.patch.gz
     This is an authentication and logging patch using MySQL for
     Ascend-Radius. By <>.

   * icradius 0.10
     icradius readme file

   * checkpassword-0.81-mysql-0.6.6.patch.gz
     MySQL authentication patch for QMAIL and checkpassword. These are
     useful for management user (mail, pop account) by MySQL.  By

   * jradius-diff.gz
     ( MySQL
     support for Livingston's Radius 2.01. Authentication and
     Accounting. By Jose de Leon, <>.

   * mod_auth_mysql-2.20.tar.gz
     Apache authentication module for MySQL. By Zeev Suraski,

   * mod_log_mysql-1.05.tar.gz
     MySQL logging module for Apache. By Zeev Suraski,

   * mypasswd-2.0.tar.gz
     ( Extra
     for `mod_auth_mysql'. This is a little tool that allows you to
     add/change user records storing group and/or password entries in
     MySQL tables. By Harry Brueckner, <>.

   * mysql-passwd.README

   * mysql-passwd-1.2.tar.gz
     Extra for `mod_auth_mysql'. This is a two-part system for use with

   * pam_mysql.tar.gz
     ( This
     module authenticates users via `pam', using MySQL.

   * nsapi_auth_mysql.tar
     Netscape Web Server API (NSAPI) functions to authenticate (BASIC)
     users against MySQL tables. By Yuan John Jiang.

   * qmail-1.03-mysql-0.6.6.patch.gz
     Patch for qmail to authenticate users from a MySQL table.  By

   * proftpd-1.2.0rc2-fix-mysql.patch
     Patch for proftpd1.2.0rc2. By <>.

   * pwcheck_mysql-0.1.tar.gz
     An authentication module for the Cyrus IMAP server. By Aaron


   * mssql2mysql.txt
     ( Converter
     from MS-SQL to MySQL. By Michael Kofler.  mssql2mysql home page

   * dbf2mysql-1.14.tar.gz
     Convert between `.dbf' files and MySQL tables. By Maarten Boekhold
     (<>), William Volkman, and Michael
     Widenius.  This converter includes rudimentary read-only support
     for MEMO fields.

   * dbf2mysql-1.13.tgz
     Convert between `.dbf' files and MySQL tables. By Maarten
     Boekhold, <>, and Michael Widenius.
     This converter can't handle MEMO fields.

     ( Convert
     between FoxPro `.dbf' files and MySQL tables on Windows.  By
     Alexander Eltsyn, <> or <>.

   * (
     Short and simple prg that can help you transport your data from
     foxpro table into MySQL table. By Danko Josic.

   * dump2h-1.20.gz
     ( Convert
     from `mysqldump' output to a C header file. By Harry Brueckner,

   * exportsql.txt
     ( A script
     that is similar to `access_to_mysql.txt', except that this one is
     fully configurable, has better type conversion (including
     detection of `TIMESTAMP' fields), provides warnings and suggestions
     while converting, quotes *all* special characters in text and
     binary data, and so on.  It will also convert to `mSQL' v1 and v2,
     and is free of charge for anyone. See
     `' for the latest version. By
     Pedro Freire, <>.  NOTE: Doesn't work with

   * access_to_mysql.txt
     ( Paste
     this function into an Access module of a database that has the
     tables you want to export. See also `exportsql'. By Brian Andrews.
     NOTE: Doesn't work with Access2!

   * importsql.txt
     ( A script
     that does the exact reverse of `exportsql.txt'.  That is, it
     imports data from MySQL into an Access database via ODBC. This is
     very handy when combined with exportsql, because it lets you use
     Access for all DB design and administration, and synchronize with
     your actual MySQL server either way. Free of charge. See
     `' for any updates.
     Created by Laurent Bossavit of NetDIVE.  *NOTE:* Doesn't work with

   * mdb2sql.bas (
     Converter from Access97 to MySQL by Moshe Gurvich.

   * msql2mysqlWrapper 1.0
     A C wrapper from `mSQL' to MySQL. By <>

   * ( A
     simple script that can be used to copy fields from one MySQL table
     to another in bulk. Basically, you can run `mysqldump' and pipe it
     to the `' script. The script will parse through the
     `mysqldump' output and will rearrange the fields so they can be
     inserted into a new table. An example is when you want to create a
     new table for a different site you are working on, but the table
     is just a bit different (that is - fields in different order,
     etc.).  By Steve Shreeve.

   * oracledump (
     Perl program to convert Oracle databases to MySQL. Has same output
     format as mysqldump. By Johan Andersson.

     ( Perl
     program to import Excel spreadsheets into a MySQL database. By
     Stephen Hurd <>

   * T2S_100.ZIP (
     Windows program to convert text files to MySQL databases. By Asaf

Using MySQL with Other Products

   * emacs-sql-mode.tar.gz
     ( Raw
     port of a SQL mode for XEmacs. Supports completion. Original by
     Peter D. Pezaris <> and partial MySQL port by
     David Axmark.

   * MyAccess97 1.4

   * MyAccess2000 1.4

     MyAccess is an AddIn for MS Access 97/2000 that allows you to
     manage MySQL databases from within Access. Main functions are:
        - Create/Modify Tables

        - Execute Queries against MySQL

        - Extract "Create Table-Scripts" from MySQL

        - Import/Export tables from Access to MySQL and vice versa

        - Log Changes

        - Show a "Database Definition Report

     Written by Hubertus Hiden. MyAccess homepage

   * radius-0.3.tar.gz
     ( Patches
     for `radiusd' to make it support MySQL. By Wim Bonis,

Useful Tools

   * MySQL Backup

     A backup script for MySQL. By Peter F. Brown.

   * mytop (

   * mytop home page ( mytop is
     a Perl program that allows you to monitor MySQL servers by viewing
     active threads, queries, and overall server performance numbers.
     By Jeremy D. Zawodny.

     ( Monitor
     the MySQL daemon for possible lockups. By Yermo Lamers,

   * mysqltop.tar.gz
     ( Sends a
     query in a fixed time interval to the server and shows the
     resulting table. By Thomas Wana.

   * mysql_structure_dumper.tar.gz
     Prints out the structure of the all tables in a database. By
     Thomas Wana.

   * structure_dumper.tgz
     Prints the structure of every table in a database. By Thomas Wana.

   * mysqlsync-1.0-alpha.tar.gz
     (  A Perl script
     to keep remote copies of a MySQL database in sync with a central
     master copy. By Mark Jeftovic.  <>.

   * MySQLTutor
     MySQLTutor. A MySQL tutorial for beginners.

   * ( A
     COM library for MySQL by Alok Singh.

   * MySQLDB-readme.html

     ( Perl
     program that handles replication.  By <>

   * DBIx-TextIndex-0.02.tar.gz
     Perl script that uses reverse indexing to handle text searching.
     By Daniel Koch.

   * dbcheck ( Perl
     script that takes a backup of tables before running isamchk on
     them.  By Elizabeth.

   * `'.

   * mybackup home page ( Wrapper for
     mysqldump to backup all databases. By Marc Swanson.

   * (
     Prints the storage usage of a MySQL database.

RPMs for Common Tools (Most Are for RedHat 6.1)

   * perl-Data-ShowTable-3.3-2.i386.rpm

   * perl-Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2210-2.i386.rpm

   * php-pg-3.0.13-1.i386.rpm

   * php-pg-manual-3.0.13-1.i386.rpm

   * php-pg-mysql-3.0.13-1.i386.rpm

   * phpMyAdmin-2.0.5-1.noarch.rpm

Useful Functions

   * mysnprintf.c (
     sprintf() function for SQL queries that can escape blobs. By
     Chunhua Liu.

Windows programs

     ( The
     program launches the MySQL server, shuts it down, and display
     status information. By Bill Thompson


   * (
     Find reserved words in tables. By Nem W Schlecht.

   * handicap.tar.gz
     Performance handicapping system for yachts. Uses PHP. By

   * hylalog-1.0.tar.gz
     ( Store
     `hylafax' outgoing faxes in a MySQL database. By Sinisa
     Milivojevic, <>.

   * mrtg-mysql-1.0.tar.gz
     MySQL status plotting with MRTG, by Luuk de Boer, <>.

   * wuftpd-
     Patches to add logging to MySQL for WU-ftpd. By Zeev Suraski,

   * wu-ftpd-2.6.0-mysql.4.tar.gz
     Patches to add logging to MySQL for WU-ftpd 2.6.0. By
     <>, based on Zeev Suraski wuftpd patches.

   * Old-Versions (
     Previous versions of things found here that you probably won't be
     interested in.

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