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Pico Compatibility

   Nano does not completely emulate Pico by default.  The following
differences apply to the default mode and Pico Compatibility mode:

`Displayed Shortcuts'
     By default, the following shortcuts are displayed in the Shortcut

     ^G ^O ^\ ^Y ^K ^C
     ^X ^R ^W ^V ^U ^T

     Related functions are listed above or below each other by default.
     The Justify function is not listed, instead the "Replace"
     function is displayed. Also, he "Read File" and "WriteOut"
     functions are aligned for consistency.

     In Pico Compatibility mode, the default Pico shortcuts are

     ^G ^O ^R ^Y ^K ^C
     ^X ^J ^W ^V ^U ^T

`Previous String Text'
     By default, previously entered string for a function (search
     string, file name) will be placed on the statusbar, and is
     editable.  This is done so there is consistency across all
     functions.  For example: even if there is a previous replace
     string, it can always be deleted if one wishes to perform an empty
     string replace.

     In Pico Compatibility Mode, the previously entered text in a
     search or replace will appear in brackets, and is not editable.
     It is not a simple matter to do an empty string replace when a
     previous replace string exists, for example.  When writing a file,
     the previous filename will be displayed in the editable text
     portion of the editor.

`Interactive Replace and Spell Checker'
     It is worth noting that the `nano' replace function is interactive,
     i.e. it does not stop after one search string is found and
     automatically replace it.  The `nano' implementation will stop at
     each search string found and query whether to replace this
     instance or not.  The internal spell checker operates similarly.
     Note that these is no way to force these functions to behave in
     the Pico fashion.

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