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`pathchk': Check file name portability

   `pathchk' checks portability of filenames.  Synopsis:

     pathchk [OPTION]... NAME...

   For each NAME, `pathchk' prints a message if any of these conditions
is true:
  1. one of the existing directories in NAME does not have search
     (execute) permission,

  2. the length of NAME is larger than its filesystem's maximum file
     name length,

  3. the length of one component of NAME, corresponding to an existing
     directory name, is larger than its filesystem's maximum length for
     a file name component.

   The program accepts the following option.  Also see Note: Common

     Instead of performing length checks on the underlying filesystem,
     test the length of each file name and its components against the
     POSIX.1 minimum limits for portability.  Also check that the file
     name contains no characters not in the portable file name
     character set.

   Exit status:

     0 if all specified file names passed all of the tests,
     1 otherwise.

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