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`uname': Print system information

   `uname' prints information about the machine and operating system it
is run on.  If no options are given, `uname' acts as if the `-s' option
were given. Synopsis:

     uname [OPTION]...

   If multiple options or `-a' are given, the selected information is
printed in this order:


   The OSVERSION, at least, may well be multiple words.  For example:

     uname -a
     => Linux hayley 1.0.4 #3 Thu May 12 18:06:34 1994 i486

   The program accepts the following options.  Also see Note: Common

     Print all of the below information.

     Print the machine (hardware) type.

     Print the machine's network node hostname.

     Print the machine's processor type

     Print the operating system release.

     Print the operating system name.

     Print the operating system version.

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