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`who': Print who is currently logged in

   `who' prints information about users who are currently logged on.

     `who' [OPTION] [FILE] [am i]

   If given no non-option arguments, `who' prints the following
information for each user currently logged on: login name, terminal
line, login time, and remote hostname or X display.

   If given one non-option argument, `who' uses that instead of
`/var/run/utmp' as the name of the file containing the record of users
logged on.  `/var/log/wtmp' is commonly given as an argument to `who'
to look at who has previously logged on.

   If given two non-option arguments, `who' prints only the the entry
of the user invoking it. (Equivalent to `-m'.) Traditionally, the two
arguments given are `am i', as in `who am i'.

   The program accepts the following options.  Also see Note: Common

     Same as calling `who' with `-b -d --login -p -r -t -u'.

     Print the time of the last system boot.

     Print dead processes. Causes an additional field, EXIT, to be
     printed.  The EXIT field displays the termination and exit codes
     for the process.

     Print a line of column headings.

     After the login time, print the number of hours and minutes that
     the user has been idle.  `.' means the user was active in last
     minute.  `old' means the user was idle for more than 24 hours.
     NOTE: `-i' is deprecated, please use -u instead.

     Output login processes. This is equivalent to the SUS `-l' option,
     which is currently used as the shortname for `--lookup'.

     Attempt to canonicalize hostnames found in utmp through a DNS
     lookup.  This is not the default because it can cause significant
     delays on systems with automatic dial-up internet access. NOTE:
     this usage of `-l' is deprecated. (`-l' will mean `--login' in the
     next release.)

     Output only items relating to the current terminal.

     Output other active processes spawned by init.

     Print only the login names and the number of users logged on.
     Overrides all other options.

     Output the current runlevel.

     Output only the NAME, LINE, and TIME fields. If no other options
     are selected, this is the default.

     Output the time of the last change to the system clock.

     Output the users currently logged in. Adds the IDLE field, which
     is the time since there was some activity on the user's terminal.

     After each login name print a character indicating the user's
     message status:

          `+' allowing `write' messages
          `-' disallowing `write' messages
          `?' cannot find terminal device

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