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(texinfo)Invoking install-info

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Invoking install-info

  `install-info' inserts menu entries from an Info file into the
top-level `dir' file in the Info system (see the previous sections for
an explanation of how the `dir' file works).  It's most often run as
part of software installation, or when constructing a `dir' file for
all manuals on a system.  Synopsis:

     install-info [OPTION]... [INFO-FILE [DIR-FILE]]

  If INFO-FILE or DIR-FILE are not specified, the options (described
below) that define them must be.  There are no compile-time defaults,
and standard input is never used.  `install-info' can read only one
Info file and write only one `dir' file per invocation.

  If DIR-FILE (however specified) does not exist, `install-info'
creates it if possible (with no entries).

  If any input file is compressed with `gzip' (*note Invoking gzip:
(gzip)Invoking gzip.), `install-info' automatically uncompresses it for
reading.  And if DIR-FILE is compressed, `install-info' also
automatically leaves it compressed after writing any changes.  If
DIR-FILE itself does not exist, `install-info' tries to open


     Delete the entries in INFO-FILE from DIR-FILE.  The file name in
     the entry in DIR-FILE must be INFO-FILE (except for an optional
     `.info' in either one).  Don't insert any new entries.

`-d NAME'
     Specify file name of the Info directory file.  This is equivalent
     to using the DIR-FILE argument.

`-e TEXT'
     Insert TEXT as an Info directory entry; TEXT should have the form
     of an Info menu item line plus zero or more extra lines starting
     with whitespace.  If you specify more than one entry, they are all
     added.  If you don't specify any entries, they are determined from
     information in the Info file itself.

     Display a usage message listing basic usage and all available
     options, then exit successfully.

`-i FILE'
     Specify Info file to install in the directory.  Equivalent to
     using the INFO-FILE argument.

`-D DIR'
     Specify the directory where `dir' resides.  Equivalent to

     Same as `--entry=TEXT'.  An Info directory entry is actually a
     menu item.

     Suppress warnings.

     Same as `--delete'.

`-s SEC'
     Put this file's entries in section SEC of the directory.  If you
     specify more than one section, all the entries are added in each
     of the sections.  If you don't specify any sections, they are
     determined from information in the Info file itself.

     Display version information and exit successfully.

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