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`tr': Translate, squeeze, and/or delete characters


     tr [OPTION]... SET1 [SET2]

   `tr' copies standard input to standard output, performing one of the
following operations:

   * translate, and optionally squeeze repeated characters in the

   * squeeze repeated characters,

   * delete characters,

   * delete characters, then squeeze repeated characters from the

   The SET1 and (if given) SET2 arguments define ordered sets of
characters, referred to below as SET1 and SET2.  These sets are the
characters of the input that `tr' operates on.  The `--complement'
(`-c') option replaces SET1 with its complement (all of the characters
that are not in SET1).

Character sets
Specifying sets of characters.
Changing one characters to another.
Squeezing repeats and deleting.
Warnings in tr
Warning messages.

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