Older changes


Apr 5 2005
  • We have removed the alpha architecture from all the Debian archives.
Feb 16 2005
  • The various Debian archives are now mirrored with a two-phase mirroring script.
Aug 18 2004
  • The debian-archive mirror is gone.
    archive.debian.org has been down for several months now, and the other mirrors are quite unreliable. Since the Debian mirror administrators do not seem to care, we won't either!
Mar 2 2003
  • The Debian 2.2 CD images are gone for good.
Feb 28 2003
  • Fixed the ImageMagick mirror.
Jan 30 2003
Jan 23 2003
  • Building Jigdo images against http://debian.fifi.org/debian/ works now (beforehand, some HTML files were returned with the Fifi.Org standard boilerplate, preventing their inclusion in a Jigdo-generated ISO image).
  • Fixed a couple of bad links.
  • Tar files are now sent with the application/x-tar MIME type.
Jan 20 2003
Jan 16 2003
  • Facilitate Jigdo download by redirecting obviously badly formed URLs.
  • Automatically generated indexes do not show forbidden files anymore (backup or revision control files for example).