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4. Browsers

4.1. Netscape

It is often a problem to correctly visualize Belarusian-specific characters with Netscape. This is due to that Netscape 4.x looks for any koi8-r font and, if it finds one, they refuse to use other fonts for displaying Cyrillic pages.

The problem is solved by removing koi8-r fonts from everywhere - X Window System font path and font server path.Then install koi8-ru, iso-8859-5 or windows-1251 and run
xset fp rehash
or restart X server. You will probably have to delete >preferences and preferences.js from the Netscape home directory .netscape and even then you are not guaranteed to have Netscape work right. Netscape's handling of fonts has always been an obscure issue.

Links to koi8-ru, iso-8859-5 and windows-1251 cyrillic fonts for X Window System can be found at the bellinux page

4.2. Lynx

In order to view Belarusian sites, you have to set up you console to handle the encoding you need. See section Section 2.5 for more details.

Add the following lines to your .linxrc file.
character_set=Cyrillic (windows-1251) preferred_language=be
character_set=Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5) preferred_language=be
if you have set up iso-8859-5 in console.

If the page you are browsing does not have an explicit charset declaration, press o and set the document charset manually.