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12. IDE's and editors for C++

When programming C++, it is a good idea to used to an editor or an IDE. Most programmers have their own favourites, and it's a religious discussion on which is better.

You can choose to use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is an application with embedded editor, compiler, documentation and more. And then there is the standalone editors, which some people likes better.

12.1 IDE's

The following IDE tools (Integrated Development Environment) are available for C++:

12.2 Editors

The problem with IDE's is many times that their editors have a big lack of functionality. Therefor many people wants a powerful editor alone, and then supply with a compiler next to it.

Of powerful editors, vim and emacs can be mentioned. They are both available for most platforms - and they support syntax highlighting and other things which will make you more efficient.

Other editors include UltraEdit(win32 only) and EditPlus(win32 only).

12.3 Other ressources

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