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4. Download String

All the programs, examples are given in Appendix of this document. You can download as a single tar zip, the String class, libraries and example programs from

4.1 How Can I trust Al Dev's String Class?

You may a have question of mis-trust on the String class software. To build confidence, there is a scientific method to verify the functionality of Al Dev's String class. In modern days, computer scientists use the CPU power instead of human brain power to verify and validate the software. Human brain is too slow and hence it is better to use the computer's power to test and validate software.

The program example_String.cpp go here and click on 'Source code for C++'. (and also given in Appendix A ) has regression test module which you can use to run the regression tests several millions of times automatically. After running the regression tests on the String class you can certify that the String class program is a ROCK SOLID and a BULLET-PROOF program.

I tested the String class with repeat cycle = 50000 and it ran and completed the program without crash. While it is running I did not notice any memory leak. On Linux, I used /usr/bin/gtop, UNIX top command, KDEStart->System->KDE System Guard and KDEStart->System->Process management to monitor the cpu and memory usage.

I recommend that you start the regression test with repeat cycle equal to 10 million or greater. The greater the repeat cycle number the greater will be your confidence!! Start the test and go to lunch (or go drink gharam chai - "chai peeke auvo") and come back to see the results!!

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