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3. Where to Get Chinese Softwares?

3.1 Websites for Chinese softwares

Most of the Chinese softwares issued in this document can get from these sites below:

3.2 Using Archie

There are usually some ordinary questions such as "Where can I find xxx...?" appeared on Internet. Actually, there was an excellent utility named archie could help you to search softwares you needed. Make a link to http://archie.edu.tw/archie.html, and then enter the name of softwares that you want. If you have a desire to use xcin, for instance, just input xcin can you get all these softwares concerned with xcin displayed on screen. Then, choose the nearest site to download those softwares. More illustrations in detail can be found on the archie's homepage for self-reference.

You can use text mode, too. telnet archie.edu.tw and login as archie, then type prog FILENAME and press ENTER key, for instance,

Archie > prog xcin-2.1d.tar.gz
# Search type: sub.
# Your queue position: 1
# Estimated time for completion: 5 seconds.
working... =

Host linux.cis.nctu.edu.tw    (
Last updated 08:47 27 Nov 1997

    Location: /packages/chinese/xcin
      FILE    -rw-r--r-- 1106789 bytes  08:58 25 Jul 1997  xcin-2.1d.tar.gz

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