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3. Disclaimer

This HOWTO is not actually a HOWTO in the sense of the Linux Documentation Project. Instead, it is an instrument to investigate the commercial Linux opportunity and to list applications which were already ported and marketed in a native Linux version. As a software vendor, you probably know that you can alternatively offer Linux users a statically linked SCO version of your application which would probably run under the iBCS2 emulator (albeit with a small performance penalty and higher memory requirements). Such applications will not be listed here.

I will not select nor deselect any particular product. Instead, everyone who wants to have her product included will be serviced. However, I reserve the right to shorten individual entries to keep things in shape.

If you don't find a particular product or vendor in this list, this is probably due to one of the following reasons:

  • I never heard of that product or vendor and thus didn't try to get in contact.
  • I did get in contact, but the vendor didn't answer yet.
  • I did get in contact, but the vendor stated positively that he doesn't sell his product for Linux (yet).

In any case, please get in contact if you feel someone's missing; also if you discover any errors in the file.

Sometimes two vendor's addresses are mentioned in the ``Vendor:'' field. In these cases I received the information from the German subsidiary/distributor. The original manufacturer's address is always mentioned first.

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