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Sound cards

14. Sound cards

More information on sound drivers and sound cards can be found on Alan Cox's OSS page, ALSA, and the Linux Sound HOWTO.

14.1. Supported

  • AWE32/64 supports is started in kernel series 2.1.x (check the SoundBlaster AWE mini-HOWTO by Marcus Brinkmann for installation details)

  • MPU-401 MIDI Intelligent mode (don't enable blindly)

    • MPU IPC-T

    • MQX-32M

  • MPU-401 MIDI UART only dumb port (don't enable blindly)

  • Yamaha FM synthesizers (OPL2, OPL3, OPL3-SAx (since kernel series 2.1.x) and OPL4)

OSS supports all MIDI daughter cards including Wave Blaster, TB Rio and Yamaha DB50XG. The only requirement is that the "host" card is supported by OSS. Note that only the "host" card needs to be configured using soundconf. The daughter card will be automatically accessible through the MIDI of the "host" card.

14.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

For the AD1816 sound chip based sound cards isapnptools is needed for configuration.