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9. Administrivia

9.1. Terms of Use

This document is copyright 1998 by Eric S. Raymond. You may use, disseminate, and reproduce it freely, provided you:

  • Do not omit or alter this copyright notice (you may translate it)

  • Do not omit or alter or omit the version number and date.

  • Do not omit or alter the document's pointer to the current WWW version.

  • Clearly mark any condensed, or altered versions as such.

These restrictions are intended to protect potential readers from stale or mangled versions. If you think you have a good case for an exception, ask me.

9.2. Acknowledgements

My grateful acknowledgement to Matt D. Welsh, who originated this HOWTO. I removed much of the Slackware-specific content and refocused the remainder of the document on CD-ROM installation, but a substantial part of the content is still his.

The 4.1 version was substantially improved by some suggestions from David Shao .