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Additional Online Resources

5. Additional Online Resources

5.1. Kodak Digital Camera Mailing Lists

5.1.1. Kodak Digita Camera

Kodak Digita Camera Mailing List

This list contains information about DigitaOS enabled Kodak Digital Cameras. This includes the Kodak DC220, DC260, DC265 and DC290. This is the place to go for all of your questions regarding how to use your camera, Digita scripting questions and anything else that pertains to the DigitaOS enabled cameras. To subscribe to the mailing list send a blank email to kodak-digita-camera-subscribe@egroups.com. To unsubscribe from the list send a blank email to kodak-digita-camera-unsubscribe@egroups.com. Alternately, go to the registration form and sign up for an account there. Once the account is created one will have the ability to search through the archive and post messages.

5.1.2. Kodak DC240/DC280

Kodak DC240/DC280 Mailing list

Owners of the Kodak DC240 and DC280 camera models can use this as their forum to discuss issues with other users of the same cameras. This is an open list and its contents can be searched through and viewed at the above URL. To join the list send a blank email to kodak240-280-subscribe@egroups.com. To unsubscribe send a blank email to kodak240-280-unsubscribe@egroups.com.

5.1.3. Kodak DC215

Kodak DC215 Mailing List

Owners and people interesting in contacting other users of the Kodak DC215 digital camera can use this forum to ask and answer questions. This list is specifically oriented towards the Kodak DC215 camera.

5.2. Other Useful Mailing Lists

5.2.1. Linux-USB


The Linux-USB mailing list is a very active mailing list pertaining to all aspects of USB and Linux. Here one will find the most recent patches for the USB code in the Linux kernel. There is also good discussion on support of digital cameras from time to time. Overall a great list to peek at every week or so.

To subscribe to this list send a blank email to linux-usb-subscribe@suse.com. A confirmation email that must be replied to will then be sent back. Either send a reply to the email address in the reply-to: section of the email, or the address listed in the confirmation message itself. To unsubscribe from the list send a blank email to linux-usb-unsubscribe@suse.com. This action will then have to be confirmed with the same method used for confirming subscription to the mailing list. For a list of other useful commands send an email to linux-usb-info@suse.com.

5.2.2. Linux-kernel


The linux-kernel mailing list is a very high traffic mailing list detailing all aspects of the Linux kernel. This list is only for those who wish to have more information than the Linux-USB list and the gPhoto-Kodak lists contain. However, it covers much more of a broad spectrum of topics than Kodak digital camera support under Linux.

Before posting or subscribing to the Linux-kernel mailing list is is highly suggested reading the Linux-kernel mailing list FAQ. It could save much time and embarrassment. It also contains useful information on who certain individuals are in the Linux community in relation to their standing on the list.

To subscribe to the list (remember, it is about 200 emails a day) send an email to majordomo@vger.rutgers.edu with "subscribe linux-kernel username@mailserver" in the body of the message where username is the email account to be used and mailserver is the name of the mail server. Remember to omit the quotation marks.

An alternative to joining the list would be to get the list in digest format. This is a better format to many as it is a few emails a day rather than several hundred. One drawback of this is that it is not as easy to discuss the issues with the mailing list as most mail clients don't know how to deal with the digest in its format besides dealing with it like plain text. To subscribe to the digest send an email to majordomo@vger.rutgers.edu with the line "subscribe linux-kernel-digest username@mailserver" in the body of the message. Where username is the email account username to be used and mailserver is the name of the mail server. Remember to omit the quotation marks.

Unsubscribing from the mail list is as easy as subscribing. Just send an email to majordomo@vger.rutgers.edu with the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of the message, or alternately "unsubscribe linux-kernel-digest" if subscribed to the digest. And again, remember to omit the quotation marks.

Rather than subscribing to this list it would be highly suggested to search through the archive which is accessible via the URL listed above. Another alternative is the Kernel Trafficsite. It contains a good overview of the weeks kernel developmental works and discussions in a summary format.

5.2.3. gPhoto-Kodak


This list contains much information regarding gPhoto and Kodak cameras. It also contains much discussion on the OpenDiS project and their releases. The latest version of OpenDiS is usually announced on this mailing list and allows one to try out the new functions. Instructions and the form to join the mailing list are at the following URL: http://lists.styx.net/mailman/listinfo/gphoto-kodak/.

5.3. Useful Web Sites / Other Resources

5.3.1. Linux-USB Project

Linux USB Project

The Linux-USB Project's web page contains much information pertaining to Linux and USB in general. Although not all information is pertinent to this HOWTO, a large portion of it is. It contains links to the latest USB support, driver maintainers and device working status. Take a look here and in the Linux-USB mail archive if having a problem getting USB working. Chances are one of the later developmental kernels or the source on the CVS will solve the issue.

5.3.2. Linux USB for DC-2xx Cameras

Linux USB for DC-2xx Cameras

This website is maintained by David Brownell, author of the Kodak DC-2xx kernel support. It contains some information not included in this HOWTO as of yet and holds the latest information regarding configuring USB support. Look here for new developments in supporting the Kodak DC-2xx camera series.

5.3.3. OpenDiS (Open Digita Services)

OpenDiS (Open Digita Services)

The Open Digita Services web site is the main source of information on the support of cameras running Digita which include the Kodak DC-220, DC-260, DC-265, DC-290, the Minolta EX-1500 and the HP PhotoSmart C500.

5.3.4. gPhoto


gPhoto is free software for digital cameras licensed under the GNU GPL. It currently supports more than 90 camera models from various vendors. gPhoto has a command line and a GTK+ graphical interface. Many people swear by this program. Installation, configuration and usage information will be added.

5.3.5. kdcpi


kdcpi is a program that the latest developer release supports the Kodak DC200, DC210, DC40, DC50 and DC120. This program has both a CLI (command line interface) and a GUI (graphical user interface). Information regarding installation, configuration and usage information will be added.

5.3.6. Digital Photography Review

Digital Photography Review

Trying to decide which digital camera is best? Digital Photography Review is the most comprehensive website available for all anyone wants to know about digital cameras. This site is not limited to just the Kodak product line and offers great reviews of the newest and older digital cameras. Take a look through the online photo gallery with detailed information pertaining to the camera used and its setting for each and every photograph.