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1. What is Linux/MIPS?

Linux/MIPS is a port of the widespread UNIX clone Linux to the MIPS architecture. Linux/MIPS is running on a large number of technically very different systems ranging from small embedded systems and servers to large desktop machines and servers that, at least at the time when they were introduced into the market, were the best of their class.

Linux/MIPS advantages over other operating systems at this time are

  • The entire Linux system consists only of Free Software.
  • Excellent Price/Performance ratio.
  • Availability of large amounts of software of which a large part again is Free Software.
  • Binary compatibility across a growing number of platforms.
  • Small footprint making Linux/MIPS suitable for many embedded systems.

In short, Linux has been designed and ships with Fahrvergnügen. However, as usual your mileage may vary and you should examine the suitability of Linux for your task - something which we hope this document helps you to accomplish.

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