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9. Acknowledgements

The following people have helped in the assembly of the information and experience that helped make this document possible:

Steve Robbins, Ian Kluft, Rich Braun, Ian Jackson, Syd Weinstein, Ralf Sauther, Martin White, Matt Welsh, Ralph Sims, Phil Hughes, Scot Stevenson, Neil Parker, Stephane Bortzmayer and especially many thanks to Vince Skahan for his huge contribution.

Eric S. Raymond edited this document, correcting some mistakes and transplanting the section on ``How Electronic Mail Works'' from his Mail User's HOWTO.

Hitoshi Hayakawa checked qmail section, Jun Morimoto added various notes about popclient & fetchmail and Takeo Nakano ispell'ed the document :-)

If I forgot anybody, my apologies: just email me!

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