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3. Community

3.1. News

3.1.1. LinuxMedNews

LinuxMedNews is a site designed to facilitate, amplify and begin the process of fundamentally changing medical education and practice into a more effective, fair and humane enterprise using modern technologies. The site uses Zope and a slashdot clone Squishdot to accomplish these goals. It is not intended to be doctor-centric, it is intended to be an interesting/fun forum and resource for anyone who has an interest in health care and open source.

3.1.2. The Spirit Project

The Spirit Project is a multilingual source of opensource software that makes this document just pale in comparison. Well designed, too big for me go over in detail, but seems to be another good source for software development and group news.

3.2. Organizations

3.2.1. American Medical Informatics Association

AMIA is a association that is quite a resource for the informatics community. Unfortunately, they require a subscription to join, but I have found that some mailing-lists will add you. I have found the cs-wg mailing list the most interesting, with some of the best discussion going around. The discussion are extremely good and informative.

3.3. Mailing Lists

3.3.1. OpenHealth

OpenHealth is a another community that I have found has a good mailing list discussion. You can join the mailing list by going Here. It also contains a Link to a list of other opensource works.

3.3.2. Open Source Health Care Alliance

Open Source Health Care Alliance (OSHCA) is a collaborative forum to promote and facilitate open source software in human and veterinary health care.