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Installing a Medical Record Application (not ready yet)

7. Installing a Medical Record Application (not ready yet)

7.3. OIO

7.3.2. HOW TO INSTALL OIO A word on documentation

I can not stress how really good and how much documentation the developers of OIO have written. There are some confusing parts, especially if you are in a hurry. :) However, please read the install documentation at OIO then come back. Hopefully, I will import or streamline the documentation since, the developers want to support OIO on all distribution, whereas my slant is becoming more and more based on the Debian distribution. Initial Notes on Debian Installation TimeStamp Error

I ran into this problem because apparently PostgreSQL does not like the

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002 dude@deletia.com wrote:
> I have reached the section that asks me to archive a form.
> I hit the 'now' button, then hit 'Create a new version' and i get the
> follow error:
> This is the source of it the html page:
> <strong>Error Value: ERROR:  Bad timestamp external representation
> '2002/02/03 17:22:58 US/Pacific'

I ran into this same problem after the end of day light savings time. :-)
The reason for this is that PostgreSQL does not like US/Pacific for time
zone. The fix is to provide the time stamp in GMT time.

The fix is to add the following to the OIO/forms/archive_form/archive_b
<dtml-if time>
 <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('time_string', _.str(time.toZone('GMT')))">
(it goes right before the following, make sure time=time_string in the
parameter list)
<!--#in "putin_archived_forms_c(
So, basically the new routine converts the time stamp into GMT time - I
think GMT-7  or GMT-8 for US/Pacific, depending on daylight saving time

Best regards,

Andrew P. Ho, M.D.
OIO: Open Infrastructure for Outcomes


Note that in the originally distribution of OIO you only see 'time=time', when you are change the source code on this page, so make sure to make it time=time_string.

7.4. FreePM

7.4.2. Where to to get it

You can get the entire package which include everything you need like Zope products and even python from Here and choosing FreePM-1.0b6-FULL-linux2-x86.tar.gz. This will include all the documentation.

7.4.3. Basic Installation of FreePM

Given that Tim Cook has put together everything you need to get a fully running FreePM application, I will first deal with installing the application as if you downloaded the full 14MB gzipped file. However, since Zope can be installed separately, and you may have other Zope applications going on, I will also discuss how to install the FreePM Zope product separately from installing Zope. Installing the FreePM zope products

The key thing before I talk about installing the zope products is that, the first user, Admin, can only add other users and can not by itself actaully magane any products. You first need to add a new user and make the user a manager before you can do anything else.

To log into the running Zope server, you need to open a browser, type in or depending on how new the Zope server is If you look at the output during the install it will tell you what to what port to connect.


Note: Using the old port 8080 would conflict, which is why Zope changed the port connection.

At this point you should the zope introductory page, if not, make sure you have the correct port.

Go ahead and click on the link that says Zope management interface or enter http: and you should the zope management screen. You know you are in the correct section if you see a root folder at the top of the Left Frame. To make sure we are on the same page, go ahead and click on the Root Folder icon in the right Frame.

You then should see the list of contents of the Root Folder on the Right Frame.

Look for and click on the acl_users folder. select add new user, fill in the required fields. You leave the domain field blank. And then besure sure to select role. In this case, click on manager for this user.

I am having problems sucessfully loggin out completely using zope, so when you intend to switch users, be sure to completely close all broswer windows.

Once you added a new user that has the role of manager, log back in. THat is to say, Close all browers and open up a new browers and go the the zope management screen. You should be asked for a login at this point. Go ahead and enter in you new user login and password.

Once you are logged in as an user (not the admin user), go ahead and click on the Root Folder on the top of the left frame. Scrool to the bottom of the Right Frame and you should see the Import/Export button. You see a new screen. In the Field Import File Name, enter FreePMProduct.zexp and then hit the import button. You should see a new scree nindicating success

The next step, is to again hit on the Root Folder Icon at the TOP LEFT FRAME. Again hit the Import/Export button, but this time, you want to import FreePM.zexp. Then hit the Import button.


Note that it will take some time to import the FreePM.zexp Zope product as it is quite large and you may get a brower error. I almost lost hair doing this stage because I coulnd tfigure out what was going wrong. In fact nothing was going wrong, it just took some time to import this large (32MB) zope prodcut. If you want to make sure something is acutally going on, I recommend using the top unix command, which will show you that python is actively still working to import FreePM.zexp.