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31. Appendix K: Example V: Dual Drive System

A dual drive system offers less opportunity for clever schemes but the following should provide a simple starting point.

Partition       sda             sdb
                ----            ----
        1       boot            lib
        2       swap            news
        3       /tmp            swap
        4       /usr            /var/tmp
        5       /var            /home
        6       / (root)

If you use a dual OS system you have to keep in mind that many other systems must boot from the first partition on the first drive. A simple DOS / Linux system could look like this:

Partition       sda             sdb
                ----            ----
        1       DOS             lib
        2       boot            news
        3       swap            swap
        4       /tmp            /var/tmp
        5       /usr            /home
        6       /var            DOSTEMP
        7       / (root)

Also remember that DOS and Windows prefer there to be just a single primary partition which has to be the first one where it boots from. As Linux can happily exist in logical partitions this is not a big problem.

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