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12. Acknowledgements.

This is the best opportunity I've ever had to thank so many people I feel grateful to. So, I'm afraid this is going to be a large section... It is, in any case, the most important one of this paper (for me, at least...).

First, I want to thank Elena Apolinario Fernández de Sousa (yes, Elena is the first name; the REST is THE surname ;-) ). I tried to reflect in this Howto all the knowledge I collected while working with her in connecting our Department to the MBone and debugging problems with locally generated CSCW software across multicast tunnels. She was of invaluable help in finding and correcting network problems, discovering and fixing kernel bugs that puzzled us for days, ... and keeping the sense of humor alive while problems appeared and appeared, but solutions didn't. She also read and corrected the drafts for this document and provided important ideas and suggestions. If this howto is here and is usefull for somebody, it will be, in many aspects, thanks to her. Thanks, Elena!

There is something I have been lucky enough to find all my (still-not-too-long) live, but, despite being repetitive, has never stopped amazing me. I'm talking about people that altruistically employ part of their time and/or resources to help other people learn new things; and, what is better, they enjoy doing it. This is not only (but also, too) explain things they already know, but lend their books, provide access to their sources and facilitate you the way to learn all things they know; sometimes, even more... I know quite a few of that people, and I'd like to thank them for all their help.

Pablo Basterrechea was my "first source of documentation" while I was in my pre-Internet stage. I learned assembly and advanced structured programming entirely from his books (well, the latter also from his programs...). Thanks for all, Pablo.

In my first course at the University that "primary source of documentation" moved to Pepe Mañas. He was teaching then Computer Programming there, and soon I became addict to his bookshelf. He lent me his books lots of times without asking for a minimum sign that could assure that I was going to return them back to him, not even my name! My first approach to TCP/IP was also by his hand: he lent me Comer's "Internetworking with TCP/IP, Volume 1" for the whole summer. He did not even know my name by then, but he lent me the book... That book influenced me a lot, and TCP/IP has become one of my primary fields of interest since that summer.

If there are two persons I must thank most, these are (in alphabetic order ;-) ), José Manuel and Paco Moya. Nobody I asked more things more times (C, C++, Linux, security, Web, OSs, signals & systems, electronics, ... anything!) and, despite my persistence, I always got throughly and friendly responses and help. If I'm using GNU/Linux now, this is, again, thanks to them. I feel particularly lucky with friends like them. THANKS.

Iñigo Mascaraque also helped (from him I got my first System Administration book) and encouraged me in my beginnings, but never stopped reminding me that, although this was a fascinating world and an important part of my career, I should not forget the other, less-interesting, parts. (I don't forget, I$!).

As I am on the topic, I'd like to thank my parents, too. They always tried to make the best opportunities available for me. Many thanks for all.

I also feel grateful to Joaquín Seoane, the first who trusted me enough to give me a root password in the time I was learning system administration by myself, and Santiago Pavón, the one who gave me my first opportunity here at DIT.

W. Richard Stevens' books have been a real revelation for me (it's a pity they are so expensive...). If he ever reads this paper, I'd like to thank him for them, and encourage him to keep on writing. Anything that comes out of his hands will -undoubtedly- be good for all of us.

Finally I'd like to thank Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox and all contributors to the Linux kernel and the free software in general, for giving us such a great OS.

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone here... Sorry. I'm certain they know I'm grateful to them too, so if they tell me, everybody will know it... :-)

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