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18. Installing from a DOS partition

You can use this section if you already have a DOS partition on your target computer. I think it is a faster installation method.

Read the section 5.3.1 "Installing from a DOS partition" from install.txt. This section is also available on the Debian CD in the html file ch-install-methods.html.

I am just going to help you to make the first point : "1. Get the following files from your nearest Debian repository"

The transfer is easy with the floppy-disc based Linux from  tomsrtbt.

Export the source cdrom drive via nfs.

Read the file tomsrtbt.FAQ

Create the floppy under DOS or Linux, you have the choice.

     Linux installation:
     a) extract the .tar.gz archive
     b) Be root
     c) Be in the tomsrtbt-<version> directory
     d) Have a blank floppy with no bad sectors
     e) Do './install.s'

Boot the target with the floppy. Login as root.

      $ insmod plip
      $ ifconfig plip1 pointopoint \
      netmask up
      $ route add -host dev plip1
      $ mount -t nfs /cdrom
      $ mkdir /c
      $ mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /c
      $ mkdir /c/debian
      $ cd /cdrom/dists/stable/main/disks-i386/current/
      $ cp resc1440.bin drv1440.bin base2_1.tgz root.bin linux \
      install.bat loadlin.exe /c/debian

The \ means the command line continues on the next line. The cp command takes some time. When finished, remove the floppy and then :

      $ reboot

Boot under DOS.

      C:\> cd debian
      C:\DEBIAN> install

Now you start to install Debian from a DOS partition. You do not need plip or floppy during the installation process. Everything deals with the hard drive. Read the Debian install documentation, it is very good and clear.

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