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How can I help?

Chapter 1. How can I help?

We will try to provide comprehensive coverage for all Linux PPP implementations. However time is of the essence and this document is not a revenue maker. We provide this information in hopes that it will be useful to the Linux Community and newly converted Linux users. We are always interested in feedback and will implement every relevant topic possible to this HOWTO.

If you would like to assist with this document, there are two primary avenues that are extremely helpful.

  • Purchase an OpenBook! If you purchase OpenDocs books, OpenDocs Publishing will donate a portion of the proceeds back to the Open Source Documentation Fund. This fund assists authors financially while they continue to write documentation for Open Source projects.

  • Provide a monetary contribution to the document. By doing so you can even request what you would like to have updated, written, or expanded with in the document. If it is a major revision (such as writing sections specifically for Mandrake or Caldera) please contact Command Prompt, Inc.

  • If you have written something that you would like to contribute just email it to poet@linuxports.com